Monday, 29 October 2012

Quiet Book: Bear

You might think the bear, the first page of the book, would be the star of the show, but I don't think he was our most complex animal:

And, I should mention, I'm using the term "complex" loosely. Because I made the animals by sewing the touchy-feely fabric under a felt cut-out, it wasn't nearly as challenging as if I had had to worry about fraying!

The bear is made of a few different scraps: faux fur, anti-slip shelf-liner, microfiber and felt. I had a light brown felt scrap that I also sewed the shelf-liner too. I think that won't be machine washable (what do you guys think?), so this will be a spot-clean-only toy. He's on red because the bird is next.

The microfiber is from some arm-covers for our recliner, so I felt very pinterest-y when I upcycled it :-)

The steps for the bear were:
1 cut shape of the body and legs out of felt
2 cut the faux fur, shelf–liner and microfiber a little bigger than needed (or whichever materials you are using) and sew together
3 sew the brown scraps to the underside of the felt
4 sew on felt pieces to make face
5 sew on nose and jaw pieces
6 make French knot teeth
7 sew on eye beads

We're almost there, only 2 animals left...

Given the number of beads, you may not want to let a young child play with a book like this unattended.

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