Thursday, 8 November 2012

Brown Bear Book Recap

Here is a recap of all of the pages I recently made for a touchy-feely quiet book based on one of our favorites.

Because felt doesn't fray I placed the different textured fabrics behind the felt and then top stitched around my shapes. That worked much better than dealing with the hems of the other materials. Or so I imagine, I didn't even try it that way.

Here are all the pages I made together:

In order (in the book, I made them from simplest to most complex) the pages are:

The Brown Bear

The Red Bird
The Yellow Duck
The Blue Horse
The Green Frog
The Purple Cat
The White Dog

The Black Sheep
The Gray Elephant
 There is a goldfish page before the elephant, but that's not pictured because a friend made the goldfish for Little J.

Each animal is on the color of the next animal so we can "read" the book. I think if I could do it over again, I would have put them all on white so that I wouldn't have had to change my bobbin between pages and also because I don't like some of the combinations.

Given the number of beads, you may not want to let a young child play with a book like this unattended.


  1. This is gorgeous!! I wish I could sew! I followed you over from Quirky Momma's FB page and happy to have discovered you.

  2. Thanks, Rebekah! I took a peak at your blog and it is very pretty! The topics look really useful, so I'm planning to go back some evening when I have more time to read.

    My mom sewed professionally when I was growing up (she had an upholstery business), so I think I picked up a lot from that. I still have so much left to learn though! I am really nervous about trying button holes, but I did finally make myself sew a zipper and it wasn't so bad. Recently, I opened an etsy shop, but it is kind of boring at the moment because it's so barren:


  3. This is such a lovely and unique book! I am in the process of planning a general animal textures based quiet book myself and some of these ideas will really be useful for me..isn't it fun collecting scraps and pieces for the different textures? I'm thoroughly enjoying it....sometimes I look at a handbag and think...that brown leather would be perfect for a horse :p Thanks for this post...I'm pinning it for future reference.