Sunday 16 September 2012

First Halloween Costume

This is what we did for our son's first Halloween:

Charlie Brown! This was a fun costume to "make" because I didn't need very many materials:

1 yellow shirt (if I had put more effort into it I would have used a polo shirt)
1 pair of dark shorts (I used navy, but could have used black)
black fabric scraps to make zig zag, which I attached with sewing tape because I didn't have a sewing machine back then.

This was a really nice affordable costume because I was also able to get the shirt and shorts on eBay. He wore the shorts the next summer, but not the shirt. I purposefully bought a size bigger than I thought he'd wear just to be safe.

I picked Charlie Brown for a baby Halloween Costume because my son had very, very fine blonde hair and a kind-of bald look. That worked really well for this costume. I guess, I tried to play to his strengths :)

A couple of years ago we bought this wreath (bottom picture) at Waitrose during an after Halloween sale. I really like how it has Trick or Treat backwards. I didn't realize that until we got it home. Leave it to the English to do things backwards. I think it will be a family tradition to always take a picture of our son in costume with that wreath.

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  1. This year my son will be Charlie Brown as well, for the same reasons :) He is 9 months old and from the time he was about 1 month old we called him Charlie Brown. It is only fitting he be Charlie Brown for his first Halloween.