Friday, 2 November 2012

Quiet Book: Bird

We’ve made it! The last animal based on the originals in our animal-themed inspiration book.

My mom had given me a few red faux feathers that were just perfect for this page. Almost everything for this page was something we already had.

In reality, the bird was easier than s/he looked.
The steps were:
1 cut shape of the main body and the middle of the wing out of felt (my main body part was kind of lemon-shaped)
2 sew red fabic to faux fur to make a fabric-fur-fabric “sandwich”
3 sew “sandwich” to the underside of the felt. The head and most of the wings will cover any imperfections
4 sew on brown, pink and red wing felt pieces
5 sew on head and beak felt pieces
6 sew on eye beads
7 sew on feathers

Yeah, number 7, maybe that was a little tricky.

I laid one feather down and carefully sewed the shaft to the page following the curve of the main body where the wing joins up to the body. I made a lot of stitches because I don’t want Little J to rip it off and for something to happen (he never plays with this alone anyway because of the beads). I stopped at about where the body ended and repeated with the other feather. Not as hard as it might seem, but took a few stitches before it felt like it was working.

The bird is on yellow because the next animal in the book is the yellow duck.

Given the number of beads, you may not want to let a young child play with a book like this unattended.


  1. I have never sewn feathers before-- nice to know it can be done!

  2. Oh, yes. I hope you give it a go! -Jessica