Saturday, 12 January 2013

This blog has the right name!

So, back in August we had a "staycation." It was relaxing; we fed ducks, went for walks, played with our sand-and-water table and got things done around the house. I decided I wanted to blog again and started thinking about a name for a blog.

There are so many aspects to my daily life and I didn't want my blog name to limit me to only writing about one of those. Sure, I'm a mom now and really love being a mom now that my son is old enough to give me hugs and laugh when I try to do something funny. I'm married to my best friend and feel strongly about how great marriage can be if you find the right person. I love my career and try to work hard at it -- and I can see how research influences my parenting in a positive way. I try to be a good daughter, especially as I'm an only child so I represent ALL of my mom's children. Anyway, you get the idea, it's a long list.

There are so many things I'd like to be doing. I have ideas of things to sew for Little J, work ideas I don't have time to implement, teaching materials I want to update, recipes I'd like to try, books I want to read... it's so hard to find the time. Quite simply: There aren't enough hours in the day.

That's why it's taken me so long to write another blog post :(

We had another staycation after Christmas but it wasn't as relaxing or as fun. This was partly due to some problems around our home that cropped up that we had to drop things to deal with. The pitch-black 4pm skies didn't help. And, I think the biggest difference between August and December, is that Little J is down to only one nap/day.

If I could go back in time I wonder if I would have warned myself to be more productive during his naps because soon we'd be down to one. And it's not just one nap. It's that he is Constantly Moving. I knew little boys were full of energy -- and I have one of those that likes to sit and look at books for a bit and do fairly constrained activities like play blocks. Some days I can't wait until he is just a little older so he can do other things like draw specific things ("draw me a house" ... "can you put a tree next to it?" ... "can you put a bird in the tree?") or sort things by color.

Another, perhaps stupid, reason I haven't posted in a while is a keeping-up-with-the-Jones problem I'm having. I want to have one of those pretty, pin-able, share-to-facebook-able blogs. But that requires I have pictures downloaded and watermarked (that's important to me because I use photos of my real kid). It is much easier for me to just start typing like this than to wait until I have the perfect picture for each blog entry. It feels similar to how I have a hard time emailing far-away friends because I feel like I have to write 2 full pages of updates. That's why I love Facebook for keeping in touch with friends. 1-2 sentences to update everyone? Yeah, that I can fit in.

How do those other people do it?! (Maybe they have dishwashers and don't have global jobs where they get emails 24 hours a day). Do people care? Do the 3 or 4 people who might read this -- do you guys care?

I'm hoping soon I'll just water mark random pictures to go with my entries. But, I've got to find time for that....

Anyone else feel like there are not enough hours in the day? Please share any short cuts you have in the comments!

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  1. I know exactly how you feel...I have a growing folder at home with recipes to try..I have the ingredients but just can't find the time, I actually have growing lists of everything- books to read, things to sew, documentaries to watch, teaching materials to print, cut and laminate for my daughter, blogposts to write (I too love the writing, but hate the time it takes to edit pics and upload them),learning support materials I have to make for my part-time job, DIY jobs around the house and weight to lose :p....I even have a list of destressing bath recipes that are actually GIVING me stress since I can't find that 1 hour to sit in a bath..Aargh!

    I've actually had to cut back on blogging for a bit since it was either writing a blogpost or spending time with my daughter...I'm so envious of those wonderful blogger moms out there who seem to be able to get everything done...We had a death in the family recently and that has forced me to look at my daily rhythm and reprioritise a lot of things in my life..e.g. Pinterest, with all its great ideas can pull you in for hours together..I'm trying hard not to browse around so much..just look at the pin I was looking for and get out of there, plus those awesome websites where they're doing loads of crafts and activities every day that makes me feel miserable as a mom? no regular visits, just when I need specific ideas...I'm still in the process of evealuating my lifestyle and trying to keep things simple...that's really helping me find more time for the things that I actually want to do...hope this was I've almost written an entire post here!