Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Quiet Book: Sheep

In my animal-texture quiet book based on one of our favorite children's books, the sheep is another favorite page:
I find the more I tilt my screen, the better I can see the individual loops.
The black sheep was one of the easiest pages, but very tedious. Again, I used scraps for this page - yay: isn't it great using things up??

The steps for the sheep were:
1 cut the body shape from the felt. Again, like the other pages I basically traced the animal from the book to get the initial shape.
2 sew black material to the back of the felt
3 -- this is the tedious one, great for doing while watching tv -- I took black yarn, knotted it, went through the black material from the back, then back into the material, leaving it a little loose to form a loop. Then, I knotted the yarn in case Little J got rough with it and wanted to pull on each loop. Then, I repeated that step and made a ridiculous amount of loops. It feels really neat though, and looks pretty close to the original book.
4 sew on felt legs, ears and face
5 sew on felt hooves and inside ear pieces
6 embroider (and I use that term loosely!) the face
7 sew on eye beads.

The sheep was on orange because the next page is the goldfish, but a friend made that page so I don't have a picture.

Given the number of beads, you may not want to let a young child play with a book like this unattended.

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